Brittany's Best Food Festivals by Bev Fearis

Every year Brittany hosts a series of festivals devoted to food, from crepes to seafood to smelly sausage. Bev Fearis, owner of Gites Guebernez , picks her favourites.  Festival Saumon July 5-7 Thanks to its location and history, the pretty town of Port Scorff has a strong connection with salmon fishing. Every July it celebrates its cherished pink fish with three days of music and entertainment, cooking workshops, and special meals, all featuring salmon of course. Fete de la Crepe July 27-28 Brittany’s specialty is the crepe, or the savoury version the galette, so it’s no surprise that it hosts a festival dedicated to the pancake. Each July, the M... Read more

The Idyllic Coastline of Pas de Calais

Most Brits speed through it, but Pas de Calais rewards those who leave the motorway and spend some time in this corner of north-west France. For a more scenic start to your driving holiday in France, the magnificent coastal road might be a bit of a detour but takes in 75 miles of glorious vistas. Pas-de-Calais is a fairly flat region, meaning views stretch on endlessly.In the early 1900s, Pas de Calais attracted large numbers of wealthy Parisians and Brits who flocked to the sandy beaches and smart hotels. The region is now often ignored by holidaymakers, who simply pass through on their way to the hotter beaches of the south, but the coastline here is definitely worth stoppin... Read more

An Introduction to the French City of Nancy

If you're looking for an idyllic rural holiday, staying rustic, a gite Lorraine, is a great way to enjoy the French countryside while still being close enough to major towns and cities for day trips and excursions. The city of Nancy is a large city in the Lorraine region and boasts a wealth of attractions and sights for day trippers. 2013 is a great time to visit Nancy as Renaissance celebrations, festivals and events are taking place all over the city this year.The huge square of the Place Stanislas is one of Nancy's main attractions and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At over 125 metres long, the square is impressive and is a popular meeting place. The square contains many... Read more

An Introduction to Limousin

Limousin is a popular destination for British holidaymakers and it's not hard to see why. Boasting areas of stunning natural beauty, the region is an excellent choice for those wanting to take full advantage of the French countryside. The three Limousin departments are Creuse, Haute-Vienne and Corrèze and each has its own unique set of attractions.Creuse is located in the Massif Central and the River Creuse runs through the region. The landscape is characterised by gentle rolling hills and dramatic valleys. The weather here is a little cooler and wetter than in other nearby regions but it can still get very hot in the summer. Creuse is home to a lot of farmland and some of th... Read more

Out and about in Vichy

The town of Vichy is situated in the Auvergne region and is known for its springs. Believed to have healing powers, the sulphurous springs attract many thousands of visitors every year. Vichy has traditionally appealed to an older demographic, who flock to the town to receive spa treatments. In recent years, however, the town has made a concerted effort to promote itself as a younger destination by marketing the health benefits of the springs to all age groups.Vichy gets very busy during the summer months but if you're staying in a rustic Auvergne gite in the surrounding Auvergne area, you'll be able to pop into the town to enjoy the sights before leaving the hustle and bus... Read more

Wine Tasting in Sunny Corsica

The French island of Corsica has excellent soil for wine producing and you will find many good red and white wines on offer in local restaurants, vineyards and retailers. The best region for wine is probably Patromonio, located on the north coast of Corsica where the clay soil and slightly cooler coastal climate create excellent conditions for growing grapes. Wherever you're staying in Corsica, if you're a keen wine buff, it's worth scheduling a day or two to explore this region. If you're staying in a gites de France Corsica property and have your own car or a hired vehicle you'll find plenty of wine producers offering tastings and tours to visitors. Patromonio's wine route i... Read more

The Historic Town of Saumur

Situated in the picturesque Loire Valley, the historical town of Saumur is a must for holidaymakers staying nearby. There is a lot to see and do in this charming town and it's a popular daytrip destination for those staying in one of the many Loire Valley gites. Much of the town's unique appearance and charm comes from the fact that most of the buildings were built using local Tuffeau stone. This beautiful, iridescent stone gives much of the town a fairty-tale-like appearance.The town's main attraction is its spectacular white chateau, situated high above the town. It's open all day in the summer months, with reduced hours in operation at other times of year. Built in the 14th... Read more

Where to stay in Languedoc

Languedoc is one of the most popular French holiday destinations among Brits but the region is huge with a variety of landscapes so deciding where to stay can be difficult. There are enough gites in Languedoc to cater for all tastes and budgets but thinking about what you want from your holiday will help you choose the right part of this stunning region. Whether you want city lights and nightlife or complete peace and quiet in the countryside, Languedoc has it all. Nightlife If your holiday wouldn't be complete without several nights out spent in lively bars and sophisticated clubs, you'll need to be near one of Languedoc's main urban areas. Montpeilier and Toulouse probably h... Read more

The Walled City of Guérande

The beautiful walled city of Guérande is situated in France's Pays de la Loire region and offers a wealth of attractions for visitors. As well as several fascinating museums, the city has an abundance of salt marshes and wetlands. If you want to stay in a self-catering gite Pays de la Loire is an excellent choice of holiday destination. As well as the city of Guérande, the region is also home to Nantes, Angers, Le Mans and many more towns and cities well worth a visit.Guérande dates back to the 11th century but didn't experience considerable growth until the 14th century. The Wars of Succession saw the town extended and fortified. Today Guérande remains walled and can be e... Read more

Five Things to do in Aquitaine

The long, sunny summers and beautiful sandy beaches of Aquitaine make it a firm favourite with holidaymakers. There are countless gites in Aquitaine so there is something to suit every taste and budget. Whether you fancy a holiday in the deepest French countryside or something a stone's throw from the coast, Aquitaine has something for everyone. Here are five of the top things to do while you're there: Take a Trip to Cap Ferret Famous for its fantastic oysters and thriving restaurant scene, the upmarket resort of Cap Ferret is a wonderful place to head for a day out. Regular ferries leave Arachon to transport tourists the short distance to Cap Ferret and, although the headla... Read more

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