An Introduction to the Midi-Pyrenees Region

Midi-Pyrenees is the largest region in France and covers an area larger than the entire country of Switzerland. As you'd imagine, there is plenty to see and do in the area. Bordered to the south by the magnificent Pyrenees mountains, the region provides an alternative to the gites in Alsace which tend to be popular with those wanting to holiday in a mountainous region of France. The region of Midi-Pyrenees only dates back to the last century so many of the towns retain the character and traditions of the regions they previously belonged to.Major Towns and CitiesThe spectacular historical city of Toulouse is by far the largest urban area in Midi-Pyrenees and around one-thir... Read more

The Varied Attractions of France Centre

The French region of Centre is well-located for exploring central France. This huge region contains rural tranquillity, huge, vibrant urban centres, renowned vineyards and a wealth of historical and cultural attractions. A self-catering holiday offers the freedom to explore as much of Centre as you like and you'll find charming accommodation scattered all over the region. Whether you decide to stay in one of the plentiful rural gites in Burgundy, the neighbouring region, or prefer to stay in the heart of Centre, you'll always be within easy reach of many attractions. Centre is home to the spectacular Loire Valley, often known as the "Market Garden of France". The Loire Valley... Read more

The festivals and celebrations of Brittany

The northern French region of Brittany is the setting of some of the continent's best-loved festivals and celebrations. The Breton calendar is packed with local events and fetes so whenever you go, you're likely to find something going on. If you have your heart set on one of the larger festivals, however, it's a good idea to book your accommodation well in advance as some events draw large crowns. Brittany has a host of self-catering holiday options on offer so there is plenty of choice. From the luxurious villas of the larger resorts to the charming rustic gites in Guebernez and other rural villages, there is something for every taste. Here are some of the main events Brittany... Read more

Enjoy a coastal break in Pas-de-Calais

The Pas-de-Calais region is located in the north-west of France and is ideally situated for a self-drive holiday or long weekend away. Just a short drive from the Calais ferry terminal, you will find yourself transported to a different world. Pretty villages, historical towns and spectacular beaches prevail in this part of France and the fact it's so easy to reach from the UK makes it even more appealing. If you fancy a stay in an idyllic rural gite Pas de Calais has plenty to choose from, meaning you can enjoy the true French experience just a short distance from home. Pas-de-Calais is a very scenic region and much of the area remains unspoilt. The north of the region has a ... Read more

The Fantastic Food of the Beautiful Lorraine Region

The Lorraine region of France is known for its rich farmland, fast-flowing rivers and dense forests. It is also famous for its food, like so much of the country. Local produce takes centre stage and the numerous markets throughout Lorraine are great for sampling the regional delights. Situated in the north west of the country, the region makes a convenient holiday destination for British tourists and is perfect for those wanting a taste of the "real" France. If you like the idea of staying in a rustic gite Lorraine has plenty to choose from. Many gites are ideally situated within easy reach of countryside walks and pretty towns with their bustling markets. The Food and Drink of ... Read more

Walking Holidays in Beautiful Limousin

The Limousin region is popular among French and international walking enthusiasts due to its varied countryside walks. The area provides some of the best walks in France and is the perfect location for a walking-based self-catering holiday. There are numerous gites in Limousin, many perfectly located for a walking holiday. The Creuse region is one of the most popular walking destinations and is generally considered to have the wildest terrain, with rugged countryside and dense forest areas dotted with tiny, picturesque villages and towns. The Ambazac hills offer some stunning countryside walks and the cool, dark forests offer respite from the hot sun during the summer months.... Read more

Types of Gite

From short-stay accommodation for one to long-term rentals for large groups, there is a French gite to suit every traveller or holidaymaker. Rural Gites These are the most popular type of French gite and are the ones most people will stay at. A Rural Gite is generally rented by the week, but some owners will offer shorter stays as well. As its name implies, this gite is usually located in a rural setting, although some will be in or near small towns. Many Rural Gites will have their own pool, making them popular with families and anyone who intends to spend a lot of time at their rental property during the course of their holiday. Camping Gites These gites offer an outdoor exper... Read more

Corsica: A food-lover's paradise

Food and drink is taken very seriously in Corsica, making the French island the ideal destination for those who like to indulge on holiday. Rich meats dishes and light desserts combine to offer the complete Corsican dining experience. The popular local spirit, eau de vie features heavily in Corsican cooking, adding a kick to traditional dishes. Staying in a gite is the ideal way to sample a different restaurant each night of your holiday, rather than being tied to one hotel. With the plenty of gites listed by the tourist body gites de France Corsica has a wide range of self-catering properties to choose from. This article highlights some of the most popular dishes served on this... Read more

The three best beaches in Languedoc

With over 40 beaches to choose from, the region of Languedoc is one of the most popular holiday destinations in France. The area is ideal for family self-catering holidays and there is certainly no shortage of gites in Languedoc. Staying near one of the following fantastic beaches is a great way to incorporate the seaside into your rural French holiday.Banyuls sur MerBanyuls sur Mer is one of Languedoc's most popular beaches and once you've seen it, you'll know why. The long, picturesque beach is fringed by restaurants and cafes meaning there is a vibrant but chilled atmosphere. There are plenty of facilities in the area so it's great for families or those who don't like t... Read more

The picturesque towns of the Loire Valley

Best known for its pretty towns and villages, the Loire Valley is one of France's most picturesque regions. A popular destination for British holidaymakers, there is plenty to occupy newcomers or repeat visitors. Loire Valley gites are frequently luxurious havens and make excellent bases from which to explore the region. This article explores some of the prettiest towns the area has to offer. Amboise Situated on the banks of the Loire River, this lively little town is a great destination for a day out. With bustling markets, quirky independent shops and welcoming cafes, Amboise is a wonderful place to explore. A riverside stroll is a pleasant way to soak up the atmosphere of ... Read more

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