Eating out with children in Brittany


Situated in the north west of France, Brittany is a beautiful and easy to reach holiday location which is perfect for families. There are a diverse selection of self-catering gites and villas in Brittany available to rent, offering holidaymakers the flexibility to eat in as well as venture out and experience some delicious cuisines available locally. For those travelling with children, Brittany has some exciting options for eating out.


Self-catering gites are great if you have a young family as it can be daunting to find family-friendly restaurants when staying away from home. Brittany, however, really does have its pick of them. As a prime location for families, local restaurant owners have gone out of their way to make sure children are made to feel as welcome as adults when eating out. Many venues offer specialist children's menus, child-friendly seating and cutlery and fun tabletop activities to keep little ones amused while their parents relax.

Fermes Auberges

Eating at a Ferme Auberge (Farm Inn) is a truly authentic experience. The whole family will feel warmly welcomed as they are invited to try speciality recipes made from farm-grown produce, in the company of the farmer and his or her family. If the weather is fine holidaymakers can pick up a picnic basket packed with delicious farm produce, including drinks, dessert and all you will need to eat it, while they enjoy some time in the wonderfully calming Breton countryside.


Brittany is famous for galettes. These are pancakes made with buckwheat and filled with a selection of savoury fillings. A popular choice, especially for children, is ham, egg and cheese, known as the 'complete'. Galettes are considered the Breton equivalent to fast food, so are perfect for hungry children. Dessert crepes are also widely available. Children can really enter into the spirit of tradition by sampling the crepes and galettes with a bowl of buttermilk. Parents might prefer to try some of the local cider or beer instead. Brittany is renowned for a variety of other irresistable speciality treats. Palet biscuits are made from salted butter, short crust pastry and vanilla sugar and are extremely popular. Another delicacy is the far Breton. This delicious cake is made with prunes, eggs, milk, sugar, butter and flour. Finally craquelins are tasty bread biscuits, the recipe for which dates back to the Middle Ages. They are prepared using a mixture of eggs, flour and water, which is then poached before being placed in an oven. They really are melt in the mouth and can even be found chocolate covered and filled with caramel or fruit.