Rocamadour in the Midi-Pyrenees


The town of Rocamadour has attracted tourists for years and those staying in gites in the Midi-Pyrenees region will find it offers plenty of attractions for a daytrip. A great spot for a leisurely day out for adults and children alike, its scenic setting makes it a great spot for walking and taking photographs. Classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rocamadour's modest size belies the number of historical buildings and cultural sights the town is home to. Set in a gorge, Rocamadour itself is built on a cliff face and the sight of grand buildings apparently jutting out from the steep slopes makes for some dramatic vistas. Although the town has a very small population, it can get very busy during the main tourist season so if you intend to visit a specific restaurant, it's advisable to book ahead. There are lots of cafes and bistros dotted throughout the town so you'll have no problem grabbing a snack even in busy periods. The crowning glory of Rocamadour is its chateau, which stands at the very top of the town. Dating back to the Middle Ages, the chateau was built to defend the town from attack and is well-preserved today. There are many historical churches dotted around the town and most are worth a visit. The underground church of St Amadour contains relics of Saint Amator and is a popular attraction. The church of Notre Dame is another must-see. There is a tourist train running around the town but its small size means it can be easily walked. Kids will love the little train, however, so consider taking it up to the top of the town and walking down. For a more active day out, there is a sizable adventure park a few minutes from Rocamadour. The park offers adventure trails, leisure activities and tree-climbing. Rocamadour AArostat, also based in the town, takes visitors on hot air balloons for pleasure flights over the surrounding countryside. For keen walkers, the area surrounding Rocamadour is ideal for exploring and taking in the views. Many popular walking routes start off in the town, enabling you to take a look at the main attractions before you set off. If you're staying in one of the nearby gites, get into Rocamadour early to beat the crowds then take one of the marked walking routes out into the countryside. The Alzou riverside walk is particularly pleasant, especially in the hot summer months