Walking Holidays in France's Dordogne Region


The Dordogne is one of the most popular regions of France with British holidaymakers and once you've been you'll find it easy to see why. This stunning region is simply full of dramatic valleys, scenic rivers and lush, green woods, making it ideal for a walking holiday.

There are hundreds of walking routes in this part of France and, as one might expect, there are trails suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and ability. If you haven't walked in the Dordogne before, your best bet is probably to head to the nearest tourist information centre. Even the most rural gites de France properties will be situated within easy driving distance of a tourist information office and you'll be able to find all the information you need to get you started.

You should find plenty of leaflets and maps to guide you in your walk and knowledgeable staff will be able to offer advice. If you're undertaking challenging routes, or if it's a warm time of year, it's best to start early in the morning when temperatures are lower. Early morning and early evening are generally the most comfortable times to walk and you'll find the light at these times of day offers up some excellent photo opportunities.

Walking routes in the Dordogne are well-marked out with symbols painted onto signposts, fences, trees and lampposts. These symbols are colour-coded so you will only need to follow one set of colours on any one walk. If you are following, say, blue signs; ignore any other colours you come across as these are simply other routes which follow some of the same path as yours.

The Dordogne has many different types of terrain and a little research will help you decide which area is best for your own preferences. Some popular walks are located around the historic chateaux of the region and many walkers focus their holidays on completing routes around several of these spectacular buildings.

Wherever you're staying in the Dordogne, you'll find plenty of attractive walks nearby. If you're staying in one of the more rural gites de France, it might be possible to walk straight to a walking trail from your accommodation. Although many holidaymakers drive to the start of their chosen trail, walking to and from your destination is a great way to see even more of this beautiful part of the world.