Long-Term Rentals in France

Few things can beat the holiday experience of a rustic French country cottage or villa all to oneself. Settling into a place that is new and yet feels like home immediately; waking up to azure skies or gentle waves breaking on white-sand shores; or diving into the rustic French life with its history, fresh produce, and incomparable wine - all these tantalising opportunities await you when you book long term rentals in France through Gites.co.uk. You build the picture of your perfect extended holiday, and we will pair you up with the right fit for a satisfying French long term rent experience that will stay with you and keep you coming back for more.

Long Rental France Is the Best France for You

France is not a country that deserves an express treatment. Much like its fine wines, it is best to take it in a relaxed atmosphere, in numerous tasteful sips, and with a palate open to new and intriguing experiences. For these reasons Gites.co.uk offers you a unique selection of long term rentals in France which span all its regions and their specific charms. When you book a country cottage for an extended period of time, you allow yourself the time to dive deep into your area of choice and let the local flavours caress your senses. There is no better way to a quality holiday!

French Long Term Rent - Anywhere You Want It

Once your heart is set on an extended holiday in France, you just need to pick the place. Gites.co.uk offers a wide selection of gites, villas, and holiday homes all across France. They all come fully furnished and feature all amenities you require in order to make your stay as restful, inspiring, exciting, and memorable as you imagined it. Whether you are drawn to the rural life with its simple attractions or the sprawling coastlines and murmuring waters, there is a villa out there with your name on it, and we bring just one click away from you.

Attractive Long Term Rentals in France - Top Quality in Every Price Range

Whether you are looking to book a quiet romantic getaway or a pleasant family holiday in France, Gites.co.uk has you covered with appropriate offerings throughout the country and at every price range. Charming rural cottages for two start at about 275 GBP per week, spacious two- or three-bedroom gites can be yours for as low as 595 GBP per week, while luxurious villas by the sea begin at about 750 GBP per week. Extras, from WiFi to swimming pool adjacent, are available to complete the picture of your desired French holiday. All bookings are owners direct and cater to the specific needs and wishes of the avid long term visitor.

How Gites.co.uk Works to Get You the Optimal Long Rental France Experience

We at Gites.co.uk act as a mediator. Our model is based on communication direct with owner which we merely facilitate. Our listings are owner-submitted and carefully vetted, so that you get the clearest information on your long term rental property of interest. The owners direct nature of the rental process makes booking and making special arrangements for your dream holiday efficient and pleasant. By putting you in touch direct with owner landlords, we not only ensure you find the perfect long term rental cottage or villa for your French holiday quickly and reliably; we also help you forge a direct connection with your host right from the start. Beautiful rental properties with a friendly, personal touch - this is what awaits you at Gites.co.uk. Dive in and discover your new favourite holiday spot!

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