Goes SSL

Mar 25, 2017

We are pleased to announce that from a few days ago, we have enabled SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on so that all communication between users (both owners and guests) and the web site is now encrypted.

Although we don't capture any credit card information on our site, owners and guests do have to enter a username and password to login. This is sensitive information, and from now on it will be encrypted when it is transmitted to our from your browser to our web site.

New versions of browsers are beginning to give warning to users where such encryption is not in place, so we are pleased that there will be no such warnings when using

You can verify the encryption by checking that the web address begins with https:// and you can also view the certificate used to encrypt the data. The procedure varies by browser but there is usually a padlock icon in the address bar that can be clicked.

We have done extensive error checking to make sure everything is working as it should do, but if you encounter any problems please do let us know!

Best regards,

The Team.

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