A day at Moet & Chandon


As one of the most famous champagne producers, Moet & Chandon's name is known all over the world. If you are staying in one of the rustic gites in Champagne, you will no doubt want to pay a visit to at least one producer of this most luxurious and decadent drink. Moet & Chandon offer a polished experience and provide a fascinating insight into the history and traditions surrounding champagne. The cellars at Moet are the largest in the entire Champagne region and cover over 17 miles. On a visit to Moet you will get to explore the atmospheric cellars yourself. The cellars are located some 10 - 30 metres underground and the temperature remains consistent all year round. Levels of humidity are strictly monitored to ensure conditions stay just right for producing champagne. It is, as you would expect, chilly and damp in the cellars, so take something warm to wear, especially if you visit during the summer months and are dressed for hot weather. On your tour, you will learn all about the history of champagne as a drink and of Moet & Chandon itself. You will also see some of the finest bottles of champagne in the world, as well as impressive magnums worth thousands of pounds. Dom Perignon is also produced here so expect to learn about the history of Moet's prestige brand, too. If you are lucky enough to visit during a grape harvest, you will get to see the huge quantities of grapes that go towards this luxury brand's signature drink. Champagne is produced using three different grapes: Chardonnay, Pinto Noir and Pinot Meunier and you will see all three growing in the extensive vineyards here. The lush vineyards stretch out as far as the eye can see and give some sense of how huge the production of champagne is. One of the most popular parts of any champagne or wine tour is the tasting and you will get to sample the local produce here, too. A variety of champagne is offered for tasting, with some very good years available. Regular tours are available throughout the day but if you would prefer a more personalised experience, bespoke tours can be arranged too. You will, of course, have the opportunity to stock up on champagne at the end of the tour, so if you are staying in one of the gites in Champagne, this is a great chance to buy a bottle of something special to enjoy at leisure back at your accommodation.