Wine Tasting in Sunny Corsica


The French island of Corsica has excellent soil for wine producing and you will find many good red and white wines on offer in local restaurants, vineyards and retailers. The best region for wine is probably Patromonio, located on the north coast of Corsica where the clay soil and slightly cooler coastal climate create excellent conditions for growing grapes. Wherever you're staying in Corsica, if you're a keen wine buff, it's worth scheduling a day or two to explore this region. If you're staying in a gites de France Corsica property and have your own car or a hired vehicle you'll find plenty of wine producers offering tastings and tours to visitors.

Patromonio's wine route is well sign posted from the main roads but it's unlikely you'll have time to visit all the vineyards during one trip. It's a good idea to research the various wine producers ahead of time and make a shortlist of any which particularly catch your eye. All the main vineyards have websites where you can learn about their history and their best wines.

Lovers of red wines will almost certainly want to pay a visit to Domaine Leccia, known for its excellent reds which are produced in its 13 hectare vineyards. The nearby Domaine Gentile vineyard is another good bet for reds and you'll find some excellent and affordable bottles available for sale here.

Domaine d'Antoine Arena is a good choice for fans of white wine and is currently producing some very well-received varieties. When visiting a Corsican vineyard, expect to receive a warm welcome without any pressure to purchase. Most wine producers are proud of Corsica's wine heritage and keen to share it with visitors. Many vineyards are family-run affairs and have remained under the same ownership for decades. If you're staying in self-catering gites de France Corsica accommodation, be sure to buy at least a couple of bottle to enjoy at leisure after your day exploring. Away from the vineyards, specialist wine sellers in Corsica's main towns and cities will be very knowledgeable about the different producers and vintages. As with the producers themselves, wine sellers are keen to spread the word about Corsican wines and you may find samples on offer to help you make your choices. If you have an idea of the style of wine and flavours you generally like, you should find good wine sellers or producers can make suggestions of Corsican wines you are likely to also enjoy.