Guide to Provence - Updated

Jan 31, 2013

Our previous guide to Provence was, well, a bit naff, so we've updated it with a new one. Hopefully it gives a flavour of the region and whets the appetite for those thinking of visiting... Read more

Owners: Free Photography and Video

Jan 27, 2013

Calling all homeowners! We'd love you to list your property with, and of course you want to show it off in its best light. Most of you will already have photographs of your p... Read more

We're on Facebook and Twitter

Jan 25, 2013

We've just joined Facebook and Twitter - why not join us and keep up to date with the best holiday properties in France. We'll keep both accounts up to date and provide some great tips f... Read more

Free listings - limited time offer

Jan 24, 2013

Do you own property in France? List it on free of charge for 12 months. Not only that, when you get your first booking from, we'll send you a bottle of champagne ... Read more

Welcome to beta

Jan 24, 2013

Welcome, and thanks for visiting! We aim to make the premier site for renting holiday properties in France. To do that we need you, holiday home owners, to trust us and to ... Read more

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