French Country Cottages

French Country Cottages with Gites
Are you looking to book a break in the glorious French countryside for yourself, your family, or you and your partner? Are you fed up with trawling through sites that offer only cheap, garden-variety package holidays in big cities? can help.

What is gives you access to a wide, searchable selection of rentable French properties, from distant farmhouses to seaview villas. We organise direct contact between holidaymakers and private owners looking to rent. We cut out the middleman and allow for the creation of bespoke packages. We specialise in brokering gites and villas in all regions of France from a flexible, with a diverse portfolio of destinations. We have properties for all budgets, but we offer quality rentals first and foremost. We can also offer you free online listing (for up to 180 days) if you are located in France and are currently considering renting out your holiday cottage or villa.

Staying in French Country Cottages

One popular choice for holidaymakers in France is to stay in a cottage, often known locally as a gite. A gite is nowadays any cottage that is offered for holiday rental. Gites are usually charming, pretty stone houses, located in tiny villages or next to open farmland. Many modern gites are updated renovations with a shell of ancient stone, often rebuilt from detached old farmhouses and châteaux outbuildings. Some gites can even include sprawling patios, balconies, floral gardens, hanging plants, and pools as additions. If you wish to rent a gite, prices usually start from around £195 (all-inclusive) per week for six nights.

What can you do in a Gite? 

With a custom French cottage holiday purchased from one of our trusted owners, you will have plenty of time to relax. A few nights in a gite is a more relaxing, slower paced experience than you might be used to. Sitting outside and enjoying the splendid gardens and rolling countryside in a pressureless setting can be a joy. If you want to do more out and about active leisure, sports, sampling the local food, and sightseeing are four reasons as to why stays in the south of France are so well regarded.

Picking your Gite 

What kind of gite you choose to hire for your trip will, mostly, determine what sort of experience you have. It's important to choose wisely. Gites can vary greatly as to what they can offer to their temporary occupants. French cottages range enormously from simple three room dwellings to mini-mansions, complete with private pools. Some gites may also be offered with additional features included in the hire price. Services may include mountain bike rental, provision of free Wi-Fi, or scheduled guided tours of nearby points of interest. Whether extras are included in your price ultimately depends on what the owner or local towns can offer. Each gite will have an individual length of time that it can be booked for.

The asking price for renting each property will, of course, reflect all of these factors. Our online listings search can help you to find the best gite for your vacation. 

Getting the best out of your Gite

For a truly exceptional cottage break, there are two important points to consider. You should think carefully about where the gite is located and what's available for you to do within a reasonable walking, cycling, or driving distance. If, for example, you prefer wine tasting and vineyard visits to swimming, medieval history, and cycling, some locales will offer different, tailored experiences that may prove better than others. 

For example, if you are taking young children to France and you would rather prefer exploring castles to drinking fermented grapes, you may want to think about booking a cottage at a suitable site. You should choose a gite closer to, say, Carcassonne in Languedoc than anywhere in the middle of Bordeaux and vice versa. Many of our gite listings will give you a thorough overview as to what to expect locally. 

Why Should you Book your Gite with us?

Decent French country cottages can be unusually difficult or excessively expensive to find and hire, either on your own or through a traditional package provider. With, you can quickly find and book the exact type of property that you want. With our dedicated online service you can meet the right owner fast and discuss what you'll need from your holiday with them, in detail. Inquire today, through our website.